Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Well, on my way...

Finally got over the horro that was the LONG WEEKEND!
A fun time for others, but a nightmare for those who have to serve drnks to the holiday-makers. Had my one day off a week and I'm enjoying it; I got out to town, lazed around a bit and bought a few books; one of which was 50 places to go BEFORE YOU DIE (THE CLOCK OF TIME IS TICKING AWAY, HURRY HURRY HURRY!)
I've been to two of the places so far, so I'm not doing too badly...!
Other than that I am working on some art...again! THis time in a game; I hope to post the first efforts of my experriment soon. I should have the internet soon as well....after a 48 hour background check, DNA, stool and blood sample and an hour's long interrogation (only two of those five are exaggerations, folks!!) for our lovely Kingston Communications, the ONLY broadband provider I am allowed to have.
But MONOPOLY is such a nasty word, isn't it?
Well, I hope to be connected soon, i will just take a little time...and effort.

In other news, my cousin Jack (from Ellie's side) is visitin the Ellie-mum, so I have become his new best friend. He's seven so we've been blowing up buildings, bombing innocent civilians, and making Death Soup out of our enemies...all his idea, not mine! He is jsut so happy to have another boy in the family that he as grown attatched to for me, it's nice to finally have someone of my mental level to talk to! :D

No other news...apart from work still sucking; I can actually feel myself getting dumber the more I work there...the monotony of the days is sapping any purpose I have left in me - I must work to live and live to work.

-Oh yeah! New news! Ellie will be crashing at mine for a while as she tries to find her feet. I know, I know, on of the conditions of us going out was not living together, but I feel that I am confident enough in this relationship that if she does so tugging on my strings a little too much I'll be able to sweetly tell her to bugger off. I hope this isn't a big mistake; but there is only one way to find out!

Keep you all posted!

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